Horae 2.0 2000 29 September 2020

LTC Extraction

Extract LTC from Audio and Video Files (QuickTime compatible codecs) and export videos with a timecode-track.

Timecode Calculator

A timecode calculator comes as a tool helping with all calculations regarding, frames, time, duration & timecode

Other Features & Improvements

  • Modernized UI and adapted for macOS "Dark Mode"
  • Big Counter windows for all devices
  • Mute functionality for LTC Generators
  • Scan functionality for LTC readers - scans all input channels of an audiodevice until finding a channel with LTC signal.
  • Compatibility with recent macOS versions and notarised application
  • Bugfixes

Horae 1.3.8 588 17 April 2018

  • Set Clock via OSC command to /horae/clock/set and a string parameter in format HH:MM:SS:FF or HH:MM:SS;FF for drop formats
  • Media Playback Window: add media URLs to "Open Recent"
  • fixed: Marker Table: timecode fields do not respect clock-format setting
  • fixed: Media Playback Window: full-screen appearance of titlebar
  • fixed: Clock fps is 25 when starting Horae with a settings file

Horae 1.3.7 587 20 June 2017

  • fixes an issue where exported LTC audiofiles could be corrupt

Horae 1.3.6 586 01 December 2016

  • LTC-Audiofile export: add BWAV as export option
  • fixed: Marker-time not readable while editing under macOS Sierra

Horae 1.3.4 583 30 August 2016

  • better support for 23.976 framerates
  • export markerlist as textfile
  • copy markers to clipboard
  • fixes issues when syncing media to 23.976 or 29.97 framerate

Horae 1.3.3 580 29 May 2016

  • added the ability to create LTC-audiofiles
  • OSC command to stop all freewheeling LTC Readers

Horae 1.3.2 577 03 May 2016

  • fixed issues in online-activation

Horae 1.3.1 575 25 February 2016

  • added the ability to float media-playback windows on top
  • Media Markers: for every media-playback asset a corresponding marker is created. It's time & name is linked with the media asset
  • allow to jump to a marker via OSC command

Horae 1.3.0 570 27 November 2015

New Features in 1.3.0

  • Updated UI for OS X 10.10 and 10.11
  • scriptatable: Horae can now be controlled via AppleScript
  • Stop Markers: Markers can be defined as "Stop Marker" which will make the clock stop at this timecode position.
  • Horae allows custom key bindings for menu commands (via the Preferences Window)
  • new 'Return To Zero' command
  • Markers can be flagged as 'Stop Markers' which will cause the clock to stop at these markers' position (when running free)

Horae 1.2.7 562 29 August 2015

  • Media Player: added a field indicating absolute offset of playback position to incoming timecode and current playback speed.
  • Media Player: fixed a bug, where audio output could become distorted under OS X 10.10
  • Fixed a bug where the application could crash when removing LTC Readers that are receiving LTC.
  • Media Player: fixed a bug where the displayed value of the clip start position field could become incorrect.

Horae 1.2.6 560 08 April 2015

  • application could crash under OS X 10.8 when receiving MTC format different from the currently selected
  • fixed: application could crash under OS X 10.8 when detecting a MTC loop

Horae 1.2.5 559 21 March 2015

please download manually when auto-update fails: https://sononum.net/downloads/Horae.zip

  • Bugfix: fixed a bug where the application would crash when removing LTC Readers that were previously running freewheel.
  • Bugfix: minor bugfixes
  • Bugfix: fixed display issues in Big Clock Window

Horae 1.2.4 556 08 January 2015

Automatic update will fail! please download here: https://sononum.net/downloads/Horae.zip

The bundle identifier of the non Mac App Store Version has changed to net.sononum.horae-nonmas

  • Bug: fixed a bug, where the audio of a movie window continued to play when the window has been closed.
  • Bug: fixed a bug where the application would crash when creating a media window while the clock is running.

Horae 1.2.3 553 01 December 2014

  • Bugfix: Possible crash or hang when activating loop mode (OS X 10.8. only)

Horae 1.2.2 552 22 November 2014

  • Feature: Support for MTC Full Frame Messages: Horae will send FF messages when changing clock time and respond to incoming FF messages.
  • Feature: New Playback Mode: "Wall Time" - generate timecode locked to the current time of day.
  • Feature: MTC loop checking: Horae tries to detect MIDI-Loops and timecode loops. This should avoid to send generated MTC to the current external sync source.
  • Feature: The user is notified when Horae detects incoming timecode in a different format.

Horae 1.2.1 550 14 October 2014

  • Bug: Fixed issues where the application would crash during startup under OS X version 10.8.

Horae 1.2.0 549 19 September 2014

Build 538 fixes an issue where the clock display did not proceed when being slaved to MTC which was introduced in Build 535, sorry for that. Build 549 fixes an issue where demo restrictions could apply to a registered version.

Media Playback (OS X 10.9+)

  • This release features media playback. AV-media files can be played in sync to incoming MIDI-Timecode. This feature requires OS X 10.9 or higher. For more information visit sononum.net/horae/media-playback

Release notes for version 1.2.0

  • Feature: Media Playback Feature: Horae can now play AV-Media files synced to MTC.
  • Feature: Improved entering timecode values with keyboard.

  • Bug: Fixed a bug, where the displayed timecode differed from the sent MTC when using a drop format type.

  • Bug: fixed a bug where the application could crash when disabling a MTC connection while the clock was running.
  • Bug: Cleaned up SMPTE- formats: 29.97fps is now labeled 29.97, added(uncommon) 30DF format.
  • Bug: Fixed a bug where the application could become unstable when using a drop frame format and applying preroll.

Horae 1.1.0 501 19 August 2014

Initial Release

  • This version is the first release outside the Mac App Store