Horaes Media Playback feature allows to play any kind of AV media files in sync with incoming MIDI Timecode - or LTC- SMPTE timecode that can be read by a Horae LTC Reader device.

Play videos and generate LTC

Of course, you can also use a LTC Generator from Horae and play SMPTE LTC timecode to the current media playback position.

Play multiple media assets

Horae does not limit the number of media-players that can be opened - you can play as many assets as your computer allows. Either concurrently or serial.

Easy Control

All settings required to control a media playback window are found in the window title-bar:

The clock symbol determines if the media window is online and listening to incoming Timecode
Clip Start Time
Set the absolute timecode position of the clip start - the timecode when it will start playing
Audio Routing
For media files with a stereo audio track the user can set if audio is played stereo or a mono-sum is played on either left or right channel. This allows playing back media and SMPTE LTC from a generator with the integrated streo audio-hardware.

MTC Input

To route MIDI Timecode to the Media Playback Window(s), a new, virtual MIDI Port is created. It is called 'Horae Media Playback', and can be used by every MIDI Application on your Mac.

Player Settings

control master clock
When checked, the player window's playback controls are routed to the Horae Main Clock
adjust playback speed
When checked, the speed of the incoming MTC will be measured, and the playback speed of the medium will be adjusted accordingly, otherwise, the medium will be played back with a fixed rate of 1.0. Horae will resync, when the incoming timecode and the playback speed differ more than 80 msec (about 2 frames).

System Requirements

To use the Horae Media Playback Feature, OS X 10.9 or newer is required.