In this scenario, Horae plays back a Video file and creates SMPTE LTC timecode. Typically, other hardware devices would sync to the LTC generated by Horae.

An application would be lights (pre-) programming, where an operator wants to program his show in sync with a video.

1: Media Playbck Window

Create a Media Playback Window with the toolbar icon or the View menu and load the audio or movie file.

A new virtual MTC destination will appear: Horae Media Playback Make sure, MTC is delivered to this destination. Pro Tip: This port will show up in other MIDI applications too so they can control media playback too.

2: Adjust Media Settings

The first setting of the media window is the Clip Start Time. This is the timecode position where the media will start playback.

The clock icon handles the online setting. When on (icon is blue), the window will hook to incoming timecode and playback will follow the incoming timecode.

The Audio Summing Mode lets you chose if a stereo file should be played with two channels, or if a mono sum should be played on left or right output. This helps, when you want to play a video and ltc but have only two audio output channels

3: Create a LTC Generator

A LTC Generator can be created in the Add Device menu, and it will show up as an other, virtual MIDI Port on your Mac.

Check it in the MTC Destinations section of Horae and it will create LTC on the selected Audio Device and output from the incoming MIDI Timecode.

Like the Media Playback window, the virtual MIDI port is independent from Horae and can be used from every other application.

1: Create a LTC Reader

Use the Add Device menu to generate a new LTC Reader instance. It will parse the incoming SMPTE LTC and generate MTC.

Adjust the input device and channel according to your setup. The Freewheel Time setting determines, how long the reader will continue to generate MTC when the incoming audio stops or has drop-outs.

2: Sync Horae and send MTC to the IAC Bus

Now you can sync Horae to the MTC generated by the LTC Redaer. Select it as Sync Source and press the online button.

3: Sync the Sequencer

Now, sync your sequencer application to the timecode generated by Horae.

The LTC Reader should show up as an input device. Alternatively, you can make Horae send timecode to the IAC Bus and sync your sequencer to that.