19 September 2014

Horae 1.2.0 549

Build 538 fixes an issue where the clock display did not proceed when being slaved to MTC which was introduced in Build 535, sorry for that. Build 549 fixes an issue where demo restrictions could apply to a registered version.

Media Playback (OS X 10.9+)

  • This release features media playback. AV-media files can be played in sync to incoming MIDI-Timecode. This feature requires OS X 10.9 or higher. For more information visit sononum.net/horae/media-playback

Release notes for version 1.2.0

  • Feature: Media Playback Feature: Horae can now play AV-Media files synced to MTC.
  • Feature: Improved entering timecode values with keyboard.

  • Bug: Fixed a bug, where the displayed timecode differed from the sent MTC when using a drop format type.

  • Bug: fixed a bug where the application could crash when disabling a MTC connection while the clock was running.
  • Bug: Cleaned up SMPTE- formats: 29.97fps is now labeled 29.97, added(uncommon) 30DF format.
  • Bug: Fixed a bug where the application could become unstable when using a drop frame format and applying preroll.