Major update to Horae brings Media Playback

Horae has been updated to version 1.2.0 today, I hope the Mac App Store update will also be available soon.

Media Playback

I am glad to announce a new, major feature for Horae: Media Playback. This allows timecode-synchronized playback of any Audio or Video file to Midi Timecode. Please have a look at the web page to learn more about this feature.

Replacing CAClock

Until now, Horae has been using the CAClock class provided by the CoreAudio Framework for timecode generation. Unfortunately there are some major bugs in there and i do not expect them to get fixed by Apple, so I decided to write my own clock. So a lot of bugs are fixed now, especially when Horae deals with drop-formats. As always, have a look in the release-notes to get the full list of changes.