red Curtain, our most favorite playback tool for theatre and broadcast has made its step into the 21st century and is available for the iPad. Take a look on the product website to discover its features.

By the way, red Curtain is available at a discounted price until Feb 10th.

Horae Demo available 17 December 2013

A demo version of Horae is availbale for download. This version has some functional restrictions, and is intended to be used for evaluation. I will be very happy if you consider to buy the full version in the Mac App Store.

Horae is Available 07 December 2013

Good news: Horae 1.00 is available in the Mac App Store.

Horae is the a multi-purpose and very versatile timecode tool for Mac OS X.

It is designed for Show Control and ahs the ability to read and create MIDI Timecode as well as SMPTE LTC (Longitudinal Timecode).

Go ahead and learn more about Horae. A demo version will be available soon.