red Curtain

Theatre Playback Software

redesigned. for iPad.

Easy & intuitive.

Triggering playbacks has never been more intuitive. Keep your focus where it belongs to: your show.

red Curtain is a audio playback tool designed for theatre, live event & broadcast applications.

Available for the iPad & iOS 7.

Waveform Overview

The waveform overview gives visual orientation in a cue, by displaying waveform and locations.

Both the waveform view and the progress view inside can be made editable by double tapping them.

Navigation Bar Items

Playback Mode
By setting the playback mode, you can cause currently playing cues to stop or to fade when a new cue is started.
Select Next when finished playback
When a cue is selected and reaches end of playback (stop point or faded out) the next cue in the cuelist will be selected.
Return to Zero when stopped
When on, the a cue will RTZ (go to start point) when stopped manually.
With the edit function, the name of a cuelist or the order of cues can be changed. Removal of cues can also be done.

The cue detail view allow to manage generic cue information, it's EQ settings and a cue's actions.

Playbacks in red Curtain are arranged as cues , which are organized in cuelists.

Create a cuelist
To create a cuelist, tap the + button in the navigation bar and enter a name for in the dialog box appearing.
Removing cuelists
To remove a cuelist, tap the Edit button and select the cuelists to delete and tap the items to delete. To trigger deletion, tap the Trash icon in the navigation bar.
Loading a Cuelist
Tap a cuelist in the cuelists overview and it will get loaded.

Sometimes it is required, that an event like starting playback of a cue triggers something else, e.g. fades an other cue. Imagine a raffle with some kind of drum roll as background music - in a particular moment, the winner is announced, you have to start a fanfare and fade the drum roll quickly.

For these cases, red Curtain has Cue Actions.

Action Editor

An overview of cue actions can be seen in the main view. To add an action, tap the + button in the lower left corner, long press or double-tap an action to edit its setting or delete it.

Action Settings

Use the enabled switch to disable an action, and the Delay field to set a start delay of an action
Set, on which action (of the action-owning cue) the action should be executed. This can be on Play Start, Playback End, Stop or fade.
These settings describe the action. The Action Type can be a Set Cue Status or a Select Cue Action. The to parameter defines the target state of the Target Cue when the action type is "Set Cue Status".
The target cue on which the action should be performed.