Starting with August 2014, Horae is also available outside the Mac App Store (MAS). Licenses will be sold via FastSpring.

Before you buy, you should have a look on the major differences between these versions:

The MAS version is sandboxed, the direct version is not. This might be a major technical difference for some users. (see below)
does not work with sandboxed apps.
Installation & Seats
The direct versions can be installed up to five times per license; an installation is either a distinct machine or user name.
Licensing System
The MAS Version has the well known, and user-friendly licensing system. The direct version comes with it's own system. Help can be found here.

Conversion of licenses

For customers who purchased Horae before Aug 15, 2014 it is possible to convert the MAS license into a direct license.
To do so, please mail a copy of your iTunes receipt for Horae in PDF format. (You can find the receipt in your purchase history in iTunes)

Converting licenses is a manual process and requires a few days to be completed. Please use this service only if there is a technical reason that requires you to do so.