code to be heard : Pro Audio Software for Mac OS X & iOS.

Theatre Playback Software

red Curtain - playback software for theatre, live event & broadcast. Redesigned for the iPad.

Timecode & Synchronization Tool

Horae can read and generate MTC (MIDI Timecode) as well as SMPTE LTC (Longitudinal Timecode).

The LAMA Audio Measurement Application

LAMA is the Audio Measurement Application that tells you what you do and not what to do!

It is a toolbox of audio-measurement instruments that allow fast & easy setup, designed for live sound-reinforcement but also suitable for all other needs of audio-engineering.

Free LTC to MTC Converter

Read LTC. Create MTC.

Note, this is a legacy product and no longer under development. Its works on Intel & PPC, starting with OS X 10.4.

There is no support for this product. If you need a maintained solution for any kind of timecode & sync work, consider to look at Horae.

Legacy Version

red Curtain is no longer available for sale. If you have a registered version, you can use the download link below.

Of course, registered customers can contact for support!